Mr Pickwick

Round-faced, portly gentleman

Sam Pickwick is a round-faced, portly gentleman wearing spectacles prone to making periodic utterances on business and family life in London. He squeezes into the roles in life which make him broadly acceptable, however in some cases, the tightness of fit creates unsightly bulges.

Ageing depresses him for there is still part of him that yearns to go crowd surfing, having relationships with unsuitable people and walking in the rain. He is a big chap though so crowd surfing is unlikely to be realistic. And he is blessed with having married a wonderful wife who he is still very much in love with so watches those around him having relationships with unsuitable people and thanks the big Banana for his good fortune. This leaves walking in the rain which he embraces. One out of three is not bad.

He adores his children and his dog, all of whom make him laugh (also, weep, beat his chest and throw sticks). They seem to do the same, normally when they want something.

He is happiest when he is with his family and when is is busy, either separately or together.

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