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Munroe Bergdorf

Anti-racism activist and campaigner

Munroe’s activism has largely been based on encouraging Trans people specifically but all LGBT people to be unafraid to express their sexuality. Recently she has been talking out about systemic racism which has seen her sacked by L’Oreal for posting an impassioned statement. Since being fired, she has decided that her message needs to be refined. Making multiple appearances on television and in the press defending her views by putting them into context, she’s divided the nation. As well as receiving enormous support has received death threats and hate messages. Meanwhile she has signed a deal with to be the face of Illamasqua’s new campaign to champion gender fluidity and beauty

Munroe grew up in Essex, she went to an all boys school, where she never felt comfortable. She is a DJ and when she’s not being interviewed by people like Piers Morgan, she runs a ‘gender free’ club night, where she provides a safe space for those who have experienced harassment when clubbing - women, drag queens, trans, lesbians, to party and express themselves.

My Media Storm Has Only Made Me More Determined To Get My Message Out To The World

<img alt="new activists" src="" width="300" height="35" /> I took up every opportunity I had to state my case and stand in my truth. I didn't back down, despite immense backlash from the public and right-wing press. I've received threats of death, rape and violence, anonymous phone calls and friends selling me out. But it's only made me more and more determined to refine my message, educate people and get my true message out there into the world. That we live in a racist society and largely not owning up to it or discussing why things are the way they are for people of colour.
25/09/2017 08:59 BST