Shannon Cooper

Owner of My Food Religion, pure unadulterated food for the body and soul

This blog is about My Food Religion, making healthy meals that taste delicious! Healthy does NOT have to equal bland. I love to cook nutritious, wholesome food that is preservative, additive and artificial everything free. I prefer to use ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible and have been through minimal processing.

I am not vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free, carb-free or any other food "denomination" in its entirety. I take what I like from different food approaches and recipes and adapt it to suit what make me (and my husband- his body is a 'temple' ;)) feel good.

The thing with food and nutrition is, everyone's body responds differently to different macro and micro-nutrients... You can't "broad brush" nutrition which is why so many "diets" fail, they are not one size fits all. Our digestive and physiological make-up are a direct result of a life-time of conditioning: How many meals/day are you used to consuming, how large or small are your portions, have you consumed predominately carbs, proteins or fats throughout your 'eating life'?

So who am I? Well, in terms of my qualifications in food, I have none apart from the fact that I love to cook it, eat it & constantly have my head stuck in a book researching it. I have done my certificate IV in Fitness and teach boxing classes and the occasional bootcamp. I have done a lot of research into nutrition and various 'food religions' and love to learn about food, how our body's process it and respond to it. I am constantly learning about food, fitness & health & doing self-experiments to see what works for me. So jump on board, get comfortable & I hope you enjoy hearing my MasterChef & DisasterChef moments as well as the results of my various food & training experiments.

January 23, 2014
January 23, 2014
December 26, 2013
November 28, 2013

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