Natasha Corrett

Gourmet alkaline chef, author and entrepreneur

Natasha Corrett is a self-taught gourmet vegetarian chef, entrepreneur and co-author of best selling book, Honestly Healthy, Eat With Your Body In Mind, The Alkaline Way with the company's Nutritional Director Vicki Edgson.

Natasha’s passion for cooking started at an early age after being introduced to the business by her father, and spending a summer holiday in the kitchens of Le Boudin Blanc when she was 16.

With a keen interest in nutrition and alkalizing foods, Natasha takes her cooking seriously! She uses only the very best organic vegetables, cooks everything from scratch and ensures that her dishes are not only delicious but also alkaline and nutritiously balanced.

Natasha has developed a range of fresh and dried food products championing the importance of an alkaline lifestyle. She has created Honestly Healthy versions of various treats including cakes, pancakes, breads, pizzas and ice-cream as well as a whole range of smoothies, salads and soups. Honestly Healthy allows you to do away with the restrictions of conventional diets and instead choose a lifestyle, which offers long-term benefits to health and wellbeing.

The Honestly Healthy book is a refreshing lifestyle guide packed with recipes, tips and tricks to help you transform your daily routine from hectic and hurried to harmonious and holistic.

Natasha has successfully implemented her philosophy and unique approach to cooking across other business areas, she has consulted for LUX* Island Resorts in Mauritius and is currently working with La Suite West Hotel in London, Bayswater. She also teaches private chefs to cook the alkaline way and gives talks, demonstrations, cooking classes, cleanses and organises retreats for those who share her passion for a truly feel-good lifestyle.

Natasha is currently writing her second book.