Neela Bettridge

Executive leadership coach, board advisor, author, diversity and inclusion champion.

Neela Bettridge is a leadership consultant working with individual executives and teams to create lasting success – both professional and personal. Becoming a global player in business is not about being an automaton. It is about nurturing a holistic set of qualities that ensures success is inevitable. Her approach is personal, forthright, empowering and has a proven track record of achieving business objectives and resilience. Neela has 15 years’ experience of coaching both senior business leaders and teams in organisations ranging from start-ups to government departments to FTSE-100 companies. Her empathetic yet realistic approach remains consistent whatever the size of company, client or sector in which they operate. Neela campaigns actively against the dangers of short-termism. She is also the co-founder of business responsibility consultancy Article13. She was CEO of an environmental charity for eight years. Deeply engaged with diversity in the workplace, she is a gifted networker and speaker. She has also written a book on the leadership imperatives of sustainable businesses.