Nola Chesworth

Jetting off on days off; travelling lots, spending little, having great adventures

Social Anthropologist, writer, people watcher, and wanderer Nola Chesworth is seeing the world one city at a time. Her working days are spent managing a gift boutique in a small leafy village, helped by her assistant, a British Blue cat. Planning trips to various European cities on weekends and Bank Holidays, with a couple of annual long haul adventures thrown in too, Nola has found a way to balance wanderlust and living the small village life that she also loves.

Having the undying urge to explore somewhere new on such a regular basis, means that Nola has become an expert in travelling on a budget; believing it better see lots of different cities all on a shoestring, than see just one in 4 Star luxury.

Despite being an e-book author, Nola refuses to travel without a paperback book; something she believes to be a travel essential. Another one of her ‘essentials’ is a notebook, in which for every city she visits is written directions to a bookshop, graveyard, perfumery, vegetarian café and whiskey bar. Once these are all crossed off the list, she puts her map away and proceeds to take any path that looks interesting. She often gets lost, but never for long; she has stories to tell, and plenty of memories, but she is always happy to arrive back home.