Oisin Browne

Professional Conference Speaker, Best Selling Business Author, Certified Hypnotist, Creative Marketer, Sales Strategist and Business Enthusiast

Oisin Browne is the author of the Internationally praised Amazon Kindle Bestseller The Binman’s Guide to Selling: Top 100 selling techniques, words, strategies, tips, scripts & inspirations Oisin Browne has worked in sales and marketing for more than 20 years. During that time, he has sold everything from paintings, Spanish Christmas carols to waste and recycling products. He has worked at The City Bin Co.’s headquarters in Ireland since 1998. Oisin is a contributor to the business section of the biggest local newspaper in the West of Ireland 'The Galway Advertiser' with his fortnightly 'Drop the Monkey Business' column, sharing business nuggets & life inspirations with local businesses. Oisin co-founded the Business Motivation Group in 2010 & the Sales Master Minders in 2013. When he’s not too busy selling and learning, Oisin enjoys traveling with his family between his home in the West of Ireland and the North of Spain, where he immerses himself in the rich Galician and Spanish culture.