Olga Levancuka

The Issues My Clients and I Face Daily

Call her what you want – ‘Controversial Life Coach’, ‘Celebrity Lifestyle Guru’ or even ‘that woman from Loose Women’, Olga Levancuka aka Skinny Rich Coach has attracted a global audience and she continues to make the headlines with her unorthodox approach to life and her thought-provoking books and articles on all aspects of life, love, relationships and of course, women!

She is the best-selling author of ‘How to be Selfish (And Other Uncomfortable Advice)’ and ‘The Draft: The Ill Society’ and has become the go-to personality for the online and offline press for opinion pieces, as a columnist and as someone who isn’t afraid to speak her mind! She invented the Philosophy of Selfish and is working hard on her next book.

Olga is a regular contributor to The Guardian and The Daily Express and she has written for The Sunday Times, Grazia, Cosmopolitan USA, The Daily Mail and Le Figaro as well as being an experienced, albeit quirky, television personality!

For more information about her courses, including the highly regarded Silent Method, please visit her website.