Paul Bailey

Confidence coach working with people to enhance business and personal performance

Trained at the world’s largest life-coaching school, Paul delivers his coaching expertise through face-to-face individual or group sessions, or remotely by telephone and online conferencing. Paul’s clients come from diverse backgrounds, including from the worlds of art, business, and academia on both sides of the Atlantic. He also presents the personal development internet radio show ActionPodcast, the shows can be downloaded for free on the website or iTunes.

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Paul’s unique and upbeat approach to coaching enables each individual to verbalise ideas, goals, and dreams; to explore options; to develop effective directions and plans; and to move forward at a comfortable-yet-productive pace—and all without ever feeling judged or criticised. The result is that Paul’s clients are empowered to focus on possibilities and to achieve maximum fulfilment and success in all aspects of their lives. Paul co-authored the motivational book; 80 Tips, Tricks and Perspective Shifts for Everyday Action