Paul Byrne

Film and Pop Culture Journalist

Having wasted pretty much all of his life on movies, music and other assorted forms of art and mind-tingling distractions, Paul Byrne first began his journalistic career in the late ‘80s with Hot Press, Ireland’s leading – and, it must be said, only – rock magazine, moving on to become the rock critic for national newspaper The Irish Press. Paul went on to cover both music and movies for publications such as The Irish Independent (Ireland’s biggest-selling daily newspaper), The Evening Herald, In Dublin, The Sunday Times, Playboy, TV3 and both radio and television for the national broadcaster, RTE. Paul is currently the leading writer and reviewer for Ireland’s only film-dedicated website,
Through the years, he has interviewed everyone from David Bowie to Little Richard, from Robert De Niro to Robert Pattinson, Paul’s belief being that celebrities should be treated as equals. Not inferiors.
Freelance, Paul continues to fight the good fight for various outlets, believing that creative lightning can strike the smallest sapling just as sublimely as it does the tallest tree. Only, he’d never say so in such a sappy way. Ever.