Peter Allison

Freelance writer, author and media reviewer

Having the backdrop of Los Angeles 2019 from Blade Runner (actually ICI Wilton near Middlesbrough) during his formative years obviously left an impression upon Peter Allison. From an early age Peter has had a fascination with technology; and when most boys were interested in football, Peter was happiest reading science-fiction.

After working in engineering for over ten years, Peter realised writing was far more fun. Quickly gaining a reputation as a respected journalist, Peter has continued to provide balanced reviews and in-depth articles. His specialist subjects include films, television, music, technology, gaming, and geek culture, as well as the science-fiction, fantasy, and horror genres.

Peter has written for alternative culture website OneMetal, a daily blog for goth magazine Dominion Online, articles for Irregular gaming magazine, as well as interviews and reviews for Indy music website Pennyblackmusic.