Poppy Velosa-Ayres

Vegan, blogger

I have always had a deep connection with animals as far back as I can remember. It probably comes as no surprise, therefore, that I became a strict vegetarian at the age of 6 and became vegan in my late teens.

I work as a wildlife hospital supervisor, treating and rehabilitating all kinds of wild animals whilst studying for a degree in Animal Management. I am currently carrying out research into a natural treatment of a disease affecting many wild birds which causes great suffering, yet is much unstudied.

I spent much of my teenage years in West Africa working for and with street children and am now a charity trustee for the cause. This reminds me of how being vegan is far more than a diet choice, it’s a way of life which extends to every aspect of one’s being with benefits beyond the most obvious – animal welfare and rights. There are more than enough plant foods to feed the world multiple times yet the land taken to raise meat and animals for by-products ensures that millions remain hungry.

I write Bunny Kitchen to share vegan recipes, DIY tips, inspirational animal stories and general health resources with a hope of inspiring vegans and non-vegans everywhere and perhaps provoking some curiosity in some to give veganism or even vegetarianism a chance.

I love getting creative in the kitchen and giving a home to animals in need. Most of all, I love spending time with my 20 something wonderful rescued pets!