Radha Bedi

TV presenter for current affairs programmes

Who is Radha Bedi? Tenacious and charming most definitely. Radha is a television reporter for current affairs programmes, investigations and a little bit of news . India: A Dangerous Place to be a Woman is her latest BBC presentation. But quite often you'll see her (or not) undercover - exposing and revealing, in pursuit of the truth, for Dispatches and Panorama.
Radha was born a Northern Irish Indian, now a British Indian - she is, like Hovis - the Best of Both and embraces both East and Western cultures. Obsessed with all things Indian, the place, the food, the people, the stories, the music and Bollywood, Radha's strong connection with her motherland is a spiritual one.

Independent and spirited, she's a strong feminist and stands by the one rule for all - equality mantra. Radha's interests are a mix bag: the socio-economic make up of India, India - today, tomorrow and yesterday, women in the Indian Sub-continent, gender and sexual harassment against women.
Radha's passion for untold stories and 'to inform, educate and entertain' remains fundamental. When not on TV, this long black haired woman lives life in the fast lane. Follow Radha on Twitter and at

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