Rosie Wilby

Comedian, musician, writer and broadcaster

Musician turned comedian Rosie Wilby has toured several solo shows around the UK and was a Finalist at Funny Women 2006, a national competition to find the best new female comedy talent. Since then she's won various awards, appeared on Radio 4, been an MC at Glastonbury Festival and headlined gigs in Sydney Australia.
How (Not) to Make it in

How (Not) to Make it in Britpop

At one point I retired into the bathroom and completely undressed, only to emerge adopting a louche pose in the doorway saying I felt more comfortable that way. I'm pretty certain the <em>NME</em>'s Ian Fortnam was still there at this point. Nowadays he works for dusty old <em>Classic Rock</em> so may need to draw on such memories for kicks.
09/08/2012 17:09 BST