Rosy Edwards

Writer, Freddo enthusiast, girl about (some parts of) town

Rosy Edwards is London-based writer who once dreamt of playing football for England (men's team) and can't identify Liverpool on a map. She began writing in her teens and had (some) early success in the sadly now defunct Ottakar's Youth Poetry Prize, taking 1st a regional heat.

After enjoying 'careers' in PR and teaching, Rosy was commissioned to write ' Confessions of a Tinderella' in 2014, a hilarious (her word) true life account of her experience of dating on Tinder. The book will be published by Penguin Random House on 21st May 2015 - she signed a contract and everything.

Rosy is currently working on her second book and blogging about life, love and her addiction to chai latte at the alarmingly amateur-looking