Sacha Wise

Published poet, positive thinker and avid blogger

Sacha Wise is a published poet who has had the privilege of performing spoken work poetry in front of hundreds of people at her local contemporary theatre, Nottingham Playhouse, with the collective The Mouthy Poets. She has also performed all over England and London before being awarded the Nottingham Roosevelt Travelling Scholarship to travel to America for three months to perform in venues from New York and Boston, to Hollywood, whilst travelling and doing a project about domestic violence survivors and creativity. She won the Nottingham Poetry Society Slam in 2013 and often scribbles her poems on the back of napkins when she gets the inspiration to write.

She is an positive thinker and avid blogger about human rights issues, justice, spirituality and well-being on the Huffington Post and she enjoys matcha green tea excessively. Writing is a passion for her and she will always write as long as she lives to keep her connected to herself and to God in metaphorical language that helps her discover herself. She wants to help the world one word at a time and by learning how to live by indiscriminate unconditional love. She is part of an amazing charity that teach her the values of valuing the outer community more that just your inner world. She is also slightly obsessed with Twitter.