Salma El-Wardany

Half Egyptian, half Irish Muslim writer traveling the world eating cake and dismantling the patriarchy.

Born in Egypt and raised in the North of England, Salma El-Wardany returned to Cairo just in time for the Arab Spring. Between protesting and fighting in the revolution, she started a blog to document her experiences as a young woman in Cairo while discussing ideas of womanhood and how gender identities manifest in today's world. Returning from Egypt she entered the corporate world in London, only to find it far less fulfilling than revolutions and writing, and so eventually left to peruse poetry and novels, while also setting up her own marketing business. Since then, she's worked with Edinburgh University on the Dangerous Woman Project, given a TEDx Talk, writes for various magazines, is working on her debut novel Burkas & Bikinis and performs her poetry across the U.S and U.K, and on BBC radio, while also running an international business. You can find her drinking tea, fighting for a new narrative around Muslims, eating cake and dressing down the patriarchy at every available opportunity.