Samantha Renke

Actress and disability campaigner

Teacher turned actress Samantha has Brittle Bone Condition, but she doesn’t let her condition limit her life and she is fiercely independent. Five years ago she moved from Lancashire, where she lived with her Mum, to London and now she lives on her own in Shoreditch.

Samantha is campaigning for accessible homes for independent living with her landlords, Habintag. She works with disability charities such as SCOPE and she is ambassador for Parallel London, a mass participation race for people of all abilities. She wants to educate people about disability to dispel stereotypes and stigmas.

When she’s not acting or raising awareness her hobbies include, berlexcercise, evenings out and shopping. Samantha loves to cook, and is a self-confessed feeder who is looking for the right man to fatten up!