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Sarah Cheverton

Freelance writer and researcher, and hyperlocal publisher

Sarah Cheverton is a freelance writer and researcher and Editor in Chief of hyperlocal news website for Portsmouth, Star & Crescent. Her research work is based in arts and culture, women’s rights and hyperlocal news, and she works predominantly in the public and voluntary sector. Sarah is the Writer in Residence for Aurora New Dawn, a Hampshire charity working with victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Sarah's travel writing and creative memoir have been published in several collections, and her writing has been published in a range of publications including Red Pepper and online women's news service Women's Views on News.
Why We Need Woman vs The State

Why We Need Woman vs The State (UK)

As news spreads of how huge outsourcing companies like G4S are failing to deliver on public service contracts, a new project aims to tell the human story behind the headlines. In the last few weeks, accounts of the outsourcing giant G4S' flailing track record to deliver on public service contracts have been exploding across our newspapers, blogs and screens.
25/07/2013 12:35 BST
Why Losing the Lads' Mags is a Step Towards Ending Violence Against

Why Losing the Lads' Mags is a Step Towards Ending Violence Against Women

We are joined by academics, professionals and policy makers all over the world whose cumulative experience and expertise points to the same fact, over and over again: there is a relationship between the ubiquity of representations of women as sexual objects and the dangerous attitudes and behaviours that underpin and perpetuate violence against women.
16/07/2013 13:29 BST