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Sarah Moyes

Campaigner, OneKind

Sarah Moyes is the Campaigner and Press Officer at OneKind, an animal protection charity based in Edinburgh. She previously worked as the Press Officer at the Edinburgh Playhouse, and for The Stand Comedy Club and Central FM. When she's doing her day job, she can usually be found reviewing theatre shows in Edinburgh, hunting down the latest vegan cakes, or trying to bag all of Scotland’s 282 Munros.

Okja: The Heart-Warming Story That Exposes The Horrors Of The Meat Industry

It's beautiful, disturbing, raw and powerful all at once. It melts your heart one minute and makes you squirm the next. And if it makes you stop eating meat or question the treatment of farm animals that are simply bred and killed for food then Director Bong Joon Ho has done his job. It's time we started taking more responsibility for what's on our plates, and I think after watching this film you probably will.
04/07/2017 16:18 BST

Grand National: Can We Ever Call It Sport?

I'm ashamed to admit that I've placed a few bets on the Grand National before. It was about 9 years ago, when I was working in radio and between reading the news; I would run upstairs and place a bet on different horses. At the time, I really didn't think there was anything wrong with it. After all, most of the country gets behind the annual race.
06/04/2017 16:52 BST

James Aspey Brings His Vegan Voice To Scotland

So who is James Aspey? I discovered him a couple of years ago at the start of my vegan journey when he took a 365 day vow of silence and travelled around Australia to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence. This
21/02/2017 14:56 GMT

10 Life Lessons Learned From 'Girls'

As the last season of the hit TV show premieres this week, Girls really has become the voice of a generation of twenty-something women trying to navigate their way through the world once their student days are over.
13/02/2017 17:14 GMT

20 Things I've Learned In My 20s

The time has finally come for me to wave goodbye to my 20s. I would be lying if I said I was completely on board with the idea. However in the spirit of being a proper grown up, I'm trying not to scream "Why, God, why? We had a deal! Let the others grow old, not me" like Joey did in Friends.
05/01/2017 13:49 GMT

World Vegan Day: Things I've Learned Since Going Vegan

I switched from a vegetarian to a vegan diet after discovering the truth about the dairy and egg industries, and I haven't looked back since. So in honour of this vegan anniversary, I thought I would reflect on some of the things I've learned.
01/11/2016 15:26 GMT

The Earthlings Experience: Open Your Eyes to the Truth

We might not have turned everyone who stopped into a vegan overnight, but we did something right if people walked away thinking about how much cruelty and suffering went into the steak dinner they sat down to the night before.
09/08/2016 14:36 BST

World Vegan Month: Top Vegan Restaurants in Edinburgh

Have you ever considered going vegan? Well if it's something you've thought about, then World Vegan Month is here to help. All throughout November there's lots of different things happening to educate people about veganism, and help those who want to make the transition to this lifestyle.
16/11/2015 09:46 GMT

Tinder: The Trials and Tribulations of Modern Dating

I've always been too sceptical about the reasons why people use Tinder. I know people who have met their boyfriends on the app, and others who use it purely for casual sex. I even know someone who said he was using it to look for climbing partners when I came across his profile.
08/06/2015 20:26 BST

Does #NoThighGap Really Celebrate All Bodies?

While it was great that women wanted to show the world their photos, those of us with a thigh gap were left feeling excluded like the new kid in school. Surely we shouldn't be made to feel like there's something wrong with our bodies just because we happen to have a gap between our thighs?
05/05/2015 12:00 BST

Twitter Trolls Gonna Troll, Troll, Troll

I lost count of the number I got from people who were calling me everything from a slut to someone who should die because she was so ugly. Just like Lena, I found it really hard to push these sort of comments aside, even though I didn't know the people who were saying it.
15/03/2015 18:21 GMT

I Can't Believe It's Vegan

There's quite a few products around that are accidentally vegan. So while you can enjoy discovering some new vegan chocolate and biscuits, you can also keep eating these items safe in the knowledge that they contain no animal products.
30/01/2015 17:00 GMT

Why I Quit Facebook And You Probably Should Too

It's not a decision for everyone, and I still know lots of people who love the site. But maybe this has given you something to think about next time you find yourself upset over something you've seen. Or when you realise that you've wasted an entire evening comparing yourself to the people from school that you really don't care about any more.
19/10/2014 23:38 BST

Why I'm Voting Yes for Scottish Independence

Everyone has their own individual reasons for voting for or against independence, and I certainly have my own. As a woman who hopes to have children one day, I want them to grow up in the best country possible. I don't want them growing up knowing I could have voted for Scotland to become a better place, but simply didn't want to take the risk.
02/09/2014 16:49 BST

Why Are Women More Likely to Go Bankrupt Than Men?

It was revealed last week that young women are more likely to fall into personal insolvency than young men of the same age. The figures, which were quite alarming if you're a woman, showed that nearly eight out of 10,000 young women became insolvent last year, compared to just four men in 10,000.
21/07/2014 23:42 BST

Debts: What Options Do We Really Have?

It's really hard to find anyone these days that doesn't have some sort of debt hanging over them. If you've graduated from university, certainly in the last 10 years, then chances are you will still be paying off your student loan today...
09/07/2014 15:21 BST

National Blood Week: Why We Should All Be Donating Now

I was 25 years old when I stepped into the Glasgow Blood Donor centre to give blood for the first time. It had always been something I had thought about doing, but like most of the population I'd just never really got round to it. In Scotland, only 5% of us are active donors meaning National Blood Week is more important than ever.
13/06/2014 12:38 BST

Meat Free May

Before you begin to worry about what you'll eat, it's a lot easier than you would think. All big supermarket chains carry a variety of vegetarian friendly food including mince, sausages and even ready meals. I'm not going to pretend that vegetarian bacon tastes remotely like the real thing, but generally speaking most vegetarian products are great.
06/05/2014 14:46 BST