Sarah Newton

Decoding youth culture. behavior and Identity.

My first job ever was at Disney World in Florida and my last was as a police officer in London. That sums me up really; Buzz Lightyear and Agent Prentice all rolled into one. If you want a job title for me, call me a Youthologist (I made that up, by the way). I often get asked what that means and my answer depends on where I am, in what context, how I’m feeling, what shoes I am wearing and what I had to eat that morning. My job in essence involves understanding, interpreting, changing and predicting youth behavior and culture. I often forecast trends before they hit the mainstream, which I’m told makes me a thought leader and futurist and my opinion has been sought by MTV, Paramount, ITV, Boots ,Proctor & Gamble, The Guardian, The Independent and The Daily Mail. I’ve been called the smartest Behavioural Psychologist around (even though I’m not one) and just another mom who couldn’t get over her cheerleading days (even though we don’t have cheerleaders in the UK). Clearly I divide opinion and provoke reactions in equal amounts. I’m also the author of fiction and non-fiction books, a sought-after speaker, creative director of Bookish Photography and occasional TV star. Trained in Cinema Therapy, I am somewhat of a film and TV buff (read as addicted) and a huge advocate for the power of the media to not only entertain but to educate, inform and provoke conversations. Oh, and I can confirm that appearing on Loose Women is as terrifying as you would expect.