Shahilla Barok

Lifestyle coach and NLP practitioner

Born at the tail end of an era where anything goes, love was totally free and came with flower crowns. To parents who were lovers of people, partying and wayfaring. Labelled a ‘tom boy’ at a time when playing (innocently of course!) with boys was frowned upon, my frustrated parents would longingly look at my wardrobe full of unworn dresses and despair. Always a bit of a dreamer; I believe with a bit of passion, planning, the right tools and a butt kicking individual (moi) to make you take action; you can achieve those dreams and aspirations you’ve so readily put on the back burner I’m a single mum of two wonderful young ladies… a bit of a sticking point in the early days, do I give a shit? No! and neither should you. I love being a mum, dad, DIY’er, chef, shoulder to cry on, and comedian to my children. Passionate about making the most of life, rising above the smoke and grey clouds and helping others do the same. A lifetime learner, I have devoured courses in everything to do with people development, teaching and psychology. A qualified teacher, trainer, coach and Neuro-linguistic practitioner… I know I have the tools to make things happen for you. I like this stuff so much, I have helped and trained over 14,000 people since 2007… I LOVE PEOPLE!! My testimonials do a great job of speaking on my behalf, just in case you think I look a bit sheepish or suspect in that photo (snigger) I have tried and tested numerous different approaches because one size does not fit all.. you are special and unique and I totally respect that, actually that’s why I love this work so much! I help individuals like you transform your idea of what is and isn’t possible. Laughing in the face of catastrophe (apart from the time I actually died… couldn’t really laugh then) Sharing my little gems of clarity, calm, confidence and ‘can do’ systems to get you where you want to be I empower, guide and kick butt so that you can achieve the success you want and make those no good ‘Nay Sayers’ lower their heads in shame.