Sigrid Daniel

Management consultant blogging on business, women in business, digital & tech, parenting. Adviser to Founders4Schools, Angel Academe & others

Sigrid Daniel is a freelance Parenting Expert, Royal Baby Expert and Start-Up veteran. She is Advisor and Member of the Steering Committee at Founders4Schools.

Sigrid is a regular blogger and speaker on the topics of childcare, parenting, sandwich generation and families. She is available for content and broadcast media opportunities, as well as business consultancy.

She is co-founder of Albone Daniel and blogs on parenting issues with Rosemary Albone at

Sigrid is available for speaking opportunities both in the media and other platforms. Recent appearances include BBC Breakfast, Sky News, BBC Radio 3 Counties and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

Sigrid is a blogger for Huffington Post, Cambridge Evening News, Babyworld, Glam Family of Mode Parenting, Tend platforms) and other outlets.

Sigrid has also been Country Director in the UK for, which is the largest online care destination in the world with more than 10 million members in 16 countries. She launched and managed the UK business and developed their PR strategy, building a site with over 0.5 million visits.

Sigrid is available for print, audio and online media. Sigrid is happy to do pre record, live conversation and debate.

Recent Media Appearances:

Sigrid Daniel talks about Prince George’s Godparents – BBC Breakfast, September 2013

“Childcare blogger, Sigrid Daniel…How much do you know and how many Godparents are they likely to have?” Watch the interview

Sigrid Daniel on The Alan Titchmarsh Show – ITV, September 2013

Sigrid spoke with Coleen Nolan, The Alan Titchmarsh Show’s agony aunt, and confessed about lying to her husband for three months. Read more about Sigrid’s appearance in her blog, Lessons Learned: Don’t Try to be Perfect!

Sigrid Daniel talks about Royal Nannies and their History – Sky News, July 2013

“In the past the nanny would have played the part of what we refer to as the ‘proxy-parent’, which effectively would be governing the child’s whole day, from getting up in the morning, to managing what that child’s going to eat, when it’s going to nap and when it’s going to bed. What’s nice now is that we’ve definitely got hints that the generations each time are modernising and moving with new ways of parenting. We saw that with Diana who did like to be more hands-on, even though she did have two nannies…” Listen to the interview in full

Sigrid lives in Cambridge with her husband, two children and their black Labrador, Rufus.