Simon Blackwell

Baker, Builder and Blogger

For the last five years I have been immersed in the world of Paediatric Cancer care, in this time I have been forced to end a ten year career in sales and marketing that had seen me working for companies like BMW and Lafarge.
I am known for my powers of reasoning and my tendency to be very good at networking, honestly my phonebook would make the strangest who's who.
My skills lend themselves to lifestyle and career coaching, and I very often end up being the guy at the party that is busy trying to solve the ills of the world, and motivating others to see the positive in any given situation.
Born and raised in the Royal Air Force, I have never had strong roots anywhere, and am happy with a pied a terre within easy reach of an airport, but currently I am travelling in souther Europe whilst writing my first book and exploring life as a blogger.
When I am not trying to save the world from expansive capitalist trade deals and bad dietary habits, I can normally be found walking my dog, growing vegetables, trying to not suck at guitar and cooking for my friends and family.
Trustee to a children's cancer charity based in the UK, some of my time is dedicated to fundraising as well as the day to day administration of said charity. After watching my son struggle with finding places to relax as a patient, I am dedicated to helping others in his position through my work.
I am a retired and constantly frustrated Rugby player, so now I find myself as a devotee to Yoga, and after the first month I fell in love with my daily bendings and stretchings, they have made me strong in a new way and have allowed me to drop a few notches on my belt too.
As a recovering control freak, I find it hard to work with others on anything other than practical projects, but collaborative writing is something that I am spending time working on in a bid to curb my bad habits.
In 2011 I appeared on the hit BBC2 series, The Great British Bake Off, and ever since I have been a keen baker and can often be found thrashing a big ball of dough into some delicious shape or other.
Finally, I have a keen eye for current affairs and want to spend a lot more time researching and writing about the world around me and how I am affected by it, and also how I see it affecting others.

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