Sofie Sandell

Social media speaker & author of Digital Leadership

Sofie Sandell is an international speaker who speaks about leadership, social media, marketing, branding and online communication. She is based in London, UK and just south of Gothenburg, Sweden.

The digital world has created new habits and new challenges. It’s a gift that we should use carefully and with the best intentions.​ O​ur understanding of ourselves and the world changes hugely when we use and connect with new technology.

We live one life, and our online life is weaved into our real life.

Sofie runs a popular social media Q&A that raises some of the big questions about life in relation to social media, you are welcome to email her if you have any questions

In 2013 Sofie published her book first book on Digital Leadership, exploring leadership and creativity as driving forces for new ideas in the digital world.

Some of her interests are poetry, improvisation theatre, art and music.

Previously Sofie studied behavioural science and organisation and leadership at Lund University in Sweden. Sofie is also an award-winning leader in a non-for-profit organisation.


Her new blog in Swedish:

Watch some of Sofie's talk on YouTube.