Thandi Ejindu

Motivational Speaker, Fitness & Lifestyle Vlog/Blogger

I was a normal weight until the age of 12 when I hit puberty. By the time I was 16 I weighed 16st and wore a UK size 18/20. At 19 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Suffering depression I found it tough being the biggest girl in my Fashion College designing clothing everyday that I could never fit into!

Unable to control my condition by the time I was 20 I weighed 25 stone and wore a UK size 30/32. Leaving college and looking for work in the fashion industry as a 25 stone woman I got rejection after rejection and concluded my weight was a big part of my inability to gain employment. I developed Bulimia, trying to control my weight to get quick results! Never losing any weight by the time I got my first job as a fashion writer I had grown out of purging! But still 25 stone I wanted to do something about my weight, so I began dieting only eating 600 kcal per day and working out 3hrs per day!

I lost 8st in the matter of months and ended up getting a job at the gym, however as soon as I added working 9hr days to the mix I couldn't physically maintaining eating so little. I began eating the wrong things and working out less, by the time I left the gym at 29 I had gained back 3st. Though I was 19st again, at this point I had spiritual breakthrough and found God! I changed careers and went on to pursue my dreams of filmmaking.

I forgot about weight over the next 2 years focused on my new career. Unfortunately I had no access over this time to a gym, and after not weighing myself for a year I was 23st again! Motivated by a friend I went back to the gym again, I knew I wanted a real change to happen this time. My first 2 months back at the gym I went backwards to old methods of undereating and overexercising. I lost 2st this way, but my body was telling me under-eating and even 'dieting' was not going to work long term and actually is damaging!

One day I was working-out on the treadmill, on an empty stomach, and I became very ill, light headed and vomited. The Manager at the gym took me aside and made an appointment for me to speak with the Health and Fitness Manager and get some real advice. I decided to actually go along and listen! His advice was refreshing, though it wasn't the easiest conversation. I needed to hear the truth about healthy fat-loss, fitness and how to keep it off not just lose weight quickly.

In 80 weeks I lost 11st and i've lost over 13st overall. I went from a UK size 30/32 to a size 10/12! But size isn't everything as before starting my weight loss journey I could barely walk 1km and now I run 3/4 times a week for 5km and lift weight exceeding 150kg.

Since then I have started a Vlogging/ BLogging on Fitness and Lifestyle issues, and am conducting Motivational Lectures.

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