The Cambridge Union Society

Promoting free speech and the art of debating since 1815

Set up in 1815 under mysterious circumstances, the Union began in 1815 as a student debating society independent of the University. The Union started out in opposition to censorship and in favour of open dialogue and challenging debate.

Today the Union promote free speech and the art of debating by hosting speeches and weekly debates featuring prominent public figures. During the 20th century Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, David Lloyd George and Clement Attlee all addressed our members here in Cambridge. Over the course of the last year alone, Stephen Fry, Buzz Aldrin and Robert Downey Jr. have all spoken at the Union. With a history like ours, it is impossible to name all of the incredible people that we have welcomed here.

We are also known for the famous figures that began their careers here on the Union Standing Committee. Vince Cable, John Maynard Keynes and Arianna Huffington were all President of the Union during their time at Cambridge. This blog is aimed at showcasing great writers and young thinkers from Cambridge University. If you are a Cambridge Union member and would like to get involved, email for more details.