The Lazy Travelers

Ashley and Carolyn are co-founders and editors of The Lazy Travelers—a blog that aims to make travel more accessible and achievable for everyone

The Lazy Travelers are two best friends, one blonde and one redhead, who encourage others to explore by any means necessary—be it across an ocean or in their own backyards. Together, they have survived driving across Ireland without a valid license, sleeping on a sailboat in St. Thomas, singing along with drunken expats in a Parisian piano bar, food poisoning in Egypt, and many poorly packed last-minute getaways. With a main focus on taking each trip day by day, the pair recognizes that travel memories don’t just come from detailed itineraries, tour groups, and planned excursions—they also come from unexpected moments and last-minute detours. They aim to help everyone realize that travel should always be exciting and the task of planning a vacation should never be overwhelming, daunting, or frustrating.

You can continue to follow their adventures on their blog, The Lazy Travelers.

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