Todd McCandless

F1 Writer

An earliest memory is that of sitting on the couch with his Father watching Emerson in his Lotus 72. He got a Lotus 72 Corgi toy car that year followed by several other Corgi’s and has never looked back. The haunting sound of the Ferrari V12 has left him favoring the Scuderia each year and his love of F1 is as passionate as those fantastic Italians at Maranello.

A life-long career as a business owner and executive in the commercial integration industry of audiovisual and communication systems (videoconferencing, teleconferencing, system control, network integration and other technologies) takes most of his time. His two daughters and F1B take all of the rest. Yes, Jim Clark is his favorite but Tazio Nuvolari is a close second and to be honest, there are many from the 60’s that have always fascinated him from his earliest childhood.