Tom Cook

Writing them words

Tom Cook is a writer by trade, and a writer by hobby when he can force himself off dumb videos on Youtube. He parades his wordly goods at CALM, a young men's mental health mag. He frickin loves Asian food, hip-hop and soul music, and sci-fi action movies like Aliens. Tom's secret passion is watching other people read books. It gives him a weird warm happy feeling inside.
Carrot On A

Carrot On A Stick

But we do have a place in the world, there's no need to fashion one out of thin air. We're part of a wonderfully diverse and tolerant society, and an incredibly complex ecosystem. We fulfill our potential by simply living and working, and being nice to each other and the environment.
04/11/2016 12:56 GMT
My Dubrovnik

My Dubrovnik Adventure

The Old Town of Dubrovnik is magical, more than capable of leaving you entranced if you can ignore the teeming swarms of tourists. Fortunately I booked my break for early October, and so wasn't too overwhelmed despite staying smack bang in the centre, in the epicentre of traffic.
20/10/2015 17:48 BST
Alternative Tips for Picking Your Fantasy Prem

Alternative Tips for Picking Your Fantasy Prem Team

Tired of trudging through endless stats in the vain hope of predicting a strong fantasy premier league team? Bored of following players' fluctuating form throughout the season, and making astute weekly transfers in anticipation of upcoming games? Follow these tips and find success in a different manner.
10/08/2015 14:28 BST
Roy May Be Holding Us

Roy May Be Holding Us Back

I've risked major mockery in the last month for asserting confidently amongst friends that England are different this time around, that we can match the fluent approach play of more successful nations, because this time we have the personnel. After watching our 3-0 snooze-fest against Peru, I stand by this marginally fantastical statement.
01/06/2014 22:35 BST
All By Myself: A Loner's

All By Myself: A Loner's Soliloquy

More likely, the loner is just a normal person who prefers to hang out by themselves either because they really enjoy it or they're not ready for social interaction just yet. Therefore, it's important we practise tolerance and understanding towards them.
07/10/2013 12:31 BST
I'm Happy to Sacrifice James Bond to the Gods of

I'm Happy to Sacrifice James Bond to the Gods of Change

Ultimately, I think it might just not be permissible to make an old-school Bond movie in today's social climate. A movie where women are objects of desire, men are either baddies or assistants, and emotions are drowned out by gunfire and martinis. It's sad, because in my eyes Bond is harmless male fantasy, nothing sinister or threatening. I hope the tempering of the franchise's escapist edge is just down to the whim of a certain group of sensitive filmmakers.
12/11/2012 12:54 GMT
Why J Cole is Hip-Hop's Last

Why J Cole is Hip-Hop's Last Hope

Drake came across as a simpering, emasculated wreck, as if to appeal to a modern and sexually egalitarian society his record company decided to surgically suck out his machismo. I wouldn't be surprised if he carries his testicles around in a dainty testicles purse.
28/09/2012 16:38 BST
Who Should Replace Sir

Who Should Replace Sir Alex?

When the most successful British manager of all time eventually retires (or passes on, having endured yet another Nani dribble down a blind alley), who should he hand over his hairdryer and rock-hard lump of wrigleys to? I run down some candidates.
24/09/2012 18:06 BST
In Support Of

In Support Of Snooker

I hold the same spectator affection for snooker as I do for football, and tennis. It occupies a unique position in a world of frenzied, fast-paced, instantly gratifying sports, and it should be cherished.
21/09/2012 17:36 BST
The Perks of Being

The Perks of Being Shy

Shy people reading this probably think of their social inhibition as a disability. Certainly society seems to view it that way, which is what Simonsen (funny guy, YouTube him) was highlighting. 'Outgoing' is seen as a positive trait on a par with 'generous', 'conscientious', and 'protects tiny animals'.
21/09/2012 16:59 BST
Is Football

Is Football Evolving?

I was watching Barcelona in the Champions League last season (I forget the game, which tends to happen when the anecdote is made up) and two thoughts flew to mind, with the urgency and clarity of a glass frisbee.
13/09/2012 12:35 BST
Era of the Pointless

Era of the Pointless Remake

I'm afraid we're currently in a recession time for Hollywood creativity. With the Spider-man 're-imagining' swinging its way into cinemas this summer, it's clear major studios no longer feel it necessary to do its audience the courtesy of introducing new characters and concepts. Couldn't they have had a brainstorming session at Sony Pictures and at least come up with a different 'man'? Scorpionman? Eagleman? Skunkman? Maybe not the last one.
09/07/2012 11:02 BST
Who Cares About Frank

Who Cares About Frank Ocean?

Two high-profile names in American culture revealed themselves to be gay this week; CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper, and RnB singer Frank Ocean. In the case of the silver-haired Cooper at least, the USA's improved tolerance for homosexuality was highlighted by the nationwide reaction - "Meh".
09/07/2012 10:26 BST