Tom Ward

Author and GQ Norman Mailer Award Winner

Tom Ward is the author of 'A Departure', a novel bestselling author Tony Parsons called 'a shockingly good debut'. He has written for Esquire, GQ, VICE, Marie Claire and Sabotage Times. He is also the recipient of the 2012 GQ Norman Mailer Award and is represented by the Johnson & Alcock Literary Agency.

Tom's first novel, 'A Departure' can be found here and Tom can be found on Twitter at @TomWardWrites
R.I.P Front

R.I.P Front Magazine

I first read <em>Front</em> Magazine in 2007. I was on a train coming back from Paris after a holiday with my girlfriend's family. I spent the entire journey covering my mouth in case my girlfriend's mum heard me laughing and asked what I was reading.
13/02/2014 15:05 GMT
The Commitments: A West End

The Commitments: A West End Review

My fears dropped away like the bag of revels I'd just spilt on the floor. As the broad Irish swearing continued, a few old people in the front rows began to shuffle and glance about nervously. It was clear The Commitments was going to be a show like no other.
05/12/2013 12:41 GMT
Winter at the Tip of Cape

Winter at the Tip of Cape Cod

Cape Cod's Provincetown may have a reputation as a summer-time party town, but there's still plenty to once winter comes around and the hordes of tourists have migrated to warmer climes.
29/11/2013 11:12 GMT
Treating a Southerner to a Trip Oop

Treating a Southerner to a Trip Oop North

It's a strange one, thinking about why we go home. The underlying reason must be homesickness, a desire to see friends and family again, even if we've just left them, but for a young lad just moved down to London, it's hard to admit this.
12/11/2013 11:45 GMT
Plant Village Is Reclaiming Control of Our

Plant Village Is Reclaiming Control of Our Crops

Plant Village is a unique social media site, enabling agriculturalists to easily and freely share information on crop disease in real time. With monthly page views of almost 170,000 unique visitors from 190 countries, Plant Village might just revolutionise the way we produce crops and the way we think about our food.
19/08/2013 15:15 BST
Haters Gonna Hate, Trolls Gonna

Haters Gonna Hate, Trolls Gonna Troll

Criticism is great and without it there'd be a lot less motivation for humans to push themselves and keep coming up with better films, better ways of farming, better cars and better air travel, but empty, meaningless remarks don't help anyone. And if the authors of such remarks are being honest, it doesn't help them either.
05/08/2013 14:44 BST

Apocalyptic Appeal

The truth, it would appear, is that we, as humans are fascinated by an end of days scenario. We want to see our world, free from the constraints of everyday life (see London in 28 Days Later, or Day of the Triffids) and we want to know how we will measure up in a new, savage environment, free of repercussions.
11/06/2013 15:09 BST
The Books I Love and How They've Shaped

The Books I Love and How They've Shaped Me

University introduced me to writers I would never have read of my own accord. Sam Selvon, Angela Carter, Ballard etc etc. By now I was actively searching out writers. I loved Buk, so wanted to read Fante and Celine. McCarthy was a hero and Patrick DeWitt filled the gap that McCarthy's long-awaited next novel is sure to fill.
21/05/2013 16:59 BST
Ways of Escape:

Ways of Escape: Procrastination

Whether you're writing an essay, editing a novel, or just cleaning the flat, procrastination is always sure to rear its ugly head. Procrastination occupies the middle ground between work and play, but doesn't really count as either. Like watching an Adam Sandler film, you've got to work hard to pretend you enjoy procrastination.
01/05/2013 17:32 BST
Bukowski and the

Bukowski and the Down-and-Outs

What are the chances of really becoming a commercially and critically successful author in 2013? For me personally, the idea of being a down-and-out writer living in a bedsit hasn't had to become a reality just yet. This is due to still living at my parents' home.
05/04/2013 18:30 BST
Jennifer Lawrence: Tumblr

Jennifer Lawrence: Tumblr Queen

Whether you're Katniss Everdeen's biggest fan, or just waiting for the whole franchise to fade away, you can't help but be amused when Jennifer Lawrence opens her mouth. If it comes to a choice between watching Angelina Jolie's latest piece of self-important tripe, or watching Jennifer Lawrence talk about her cat for five minutes, I'd go for J-Law every time.
05/03/2013 23:00 GMT

Utopian Failings

<em>Utopia</em> was undoubtedly a show created with the best intentions, and despite the critiques I've just listed, it still rests high above the majority of the trash on TV in the quality stakes. When the plot was finally revealed, the show took a sharp turn for the better, it's just a shame this was only in the last two episodes.
28/02/2013 17:45 GMT
Skyfall: James Bond has

Skyfall: James Bond has Returned

After the film's BAFTA and SAG awards, there should be no need to convince you that this is a film worth checking out, Bond fan or not.
14/02/2013 14:35 GMT
The Underrated Side-Projects You Should Know and

The Underrated Side-Projects You Should Know and Love

Here are four side-project gems that you need to be aware of. If you don't have at least one record by one of these bands in your collection, you need to take a long look at yourself and think about the direction your life is going in.
04/02/2013 15:00 GMT
Films We Wanted To

Films We Wanted To Love

With JJ Abrams responsible for both Star Trek and Star Wars there's a lot of pressure on his shoulders, not least the pressure of keeping fans of both franchises on track and the fans happy and on side.
25/01/2013 22:36 GMT
Why I Loved

Why I Loved HMV

The worst part of HMV closing down is that the music and film lover will have limited options when it comes to discovering new music. Sure there are record stores, but, especially in small towns, it can be hard to find a decent one.
15/01/2013 11:49 GMT
Action Bronson's 30 Best Songs (Part

Action Bronson's 30 Best Songs (Part Two)

Without further ado, here is the second half of Action Bronson's 30 best tunes. At the rate Bronson releases music, there's sure to be some changes soon, but right now, these are the hottest tracks he's been involved in.
06/01/2013 11:54 GMT