Vanessa Lloyd Platt

Family Law Solicitor

Lloyd Platt & Co was set up in 1992 Lloyd Platt & Co and offers a range of services for divorce and family issues. It is regarded as one of the country’s leading matrimonial practices, regularly commenting on high profile divorce cases including that of Paul and Heather McCartney and other celebrity cases in the daily spotlight. The firm has also been innovators in many family developments including the introduction of the divorce voucher and the pre-nup voucher for Valentine’s Day etc. The firm undertakes mediation to bring particular help where children are concerned and working to find new solutions for parents and grandparents over contact disputes. In addition, the firm specialises in pre-nups, post-nups, pet-nups, divorce, cohabitation and high net worth area financial settlements. The firm has been involved in many ground breaking divorce cases which have become historical precedents changing the law forever for people who live together. The firm further worked with the Blue Cross Animal Charity creating the world’s first pet-nuptial agreement which sets out how pets can be dealt with on the break-up of a relationship and has been used throughout the country and worldwide. The firm acts for all parties and genders at all levels including many celebrities, the first of whom was Lady Bienvenida Buck. Others include Anne Diamond, Les Dennis, Bridget Rowe, Fiona Wright, Dr Hilary Jones, as well as a succession of popstars, models, footballers, sports personalities, presenters, actors etc. Vanessa Lloyd Platt, the director is the resident lawyer on This Morning, and regularly appears on many media channels including Good Morning Britain, the Wright Stuff, Sky News etc as an expert. She appeared alongside Paris Hilton in her British best friend television programme, as a judge, to assist Paris in coming to her decision. Vanessa has appeared as a presenter on the Channel 4 series, Made for Each Other, which observed couples filmed in their homes to give them relationship advice, as well as in numerous documentaries, radio broadcasts and newspapers articles.