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Vivian Chan

CEO & Co-founder @Sparrho (helping 150 countries stay on top of science) / @efLDN inaugural startup founder / Former @CUTEC President

Dr. Vivian Chan is CEO & Co-founder of Sparrho, a London-based startup blending expert curation and machine learning to democratise science. Users from over 150 countries use Sparrho to stay on top of the research that matters to them from over 45,000 sources daily. Vivian has twice been invited to address EU ministers about the importance of open data for innovation, and was selected by Management Today as one of the 35 Women Under 35 in 2015. Vivian completed her PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge, after spending a year working in a venture fund in Australia. Vivian is a former President & Chairman of Cambridge University Technology Enterprise Club (CUTEC), and was part of the inaugural Entrepreneur First cohort in 2012.

Four Stories That Show Science Still Has A Gender Problem

For the women themselves, it's a long-suffered truth. Statistically, women remain underrepresented in most areas of science at every level, from undergraduate courses all the way through to professorships. Despite how far we've come, there's a lot further to go, as these stories from women we met exhibiting at London's New Scientist Live exposition in September highlight.
09/10/2017 13:42 BST

Why Artificial Intelligence Still Needs A Human Touch

Rather than thinking of AI as a replacement for human intelligence, information providers such as Facebook and Google ought to consider how one can enhance the another. Only by blending AI's ability to quickly process vast quantities of data with the ability of humans to understand nuance and context can we ensure facts remain facts in this post-truth era.
24/04/2017 17:24 BST