Will Glendinning

Live event producer and consultant, he’s the expert the experts turn to

Will Glendinning is a live event producer and consultant.

He founded Allium, to help you create new, complex and unusual world-class live events that leave people actually feeling moved.

He’s helped some of the best known brands in the world: Coke, UEFA, Samsung and Ford to name but a few along with the Olympic Games, Tour de France, military ceremonies and cultural festivals.

Will discovered the power of his own creativity and live events - at an early age. Which pretty much rescued me from a life of mediocrity and almost certain obscurity.

Since then he’s been involved with some of the largest and most complex live events in recent history. He is an author, speaker, media commentator and has even had his work praised in Parliament. He’s the expert the experts turn to.

Live events are the most powerful medium you have to communicate, promote and entertain. To harness that power, Will makes sure there is always a focus on three important things.

Firstly: do one thing well. Less is more, and it's far better to be amazing than average.

Secondly: no needless suffering. Common live event issues like: long hours, high risk, high costs, confusion and a plethora of other complaints can be avoided. There's then less fire fighting and more focus on creating something fabulous.

Finally: leave people feeling moved! Moved to buy more of your stuff if you’re marketing, moved to take action or think differently if you’re communicating or moved by mind blowing entertainment if you’re entertaining.