Wyatt Cavalier

Co-founder of Honest Coffees, one of the UK’s top suppliers of commercial coffee machines and ethically-sourced coffee.

Wyatt is co-founder of Honest Coffees, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of commercial coffee machines and ethically-sourced coffee.

He specialises in cross-border issues with a particular interest in immigration, globalisation and local producers’ welfare.

Though Honest Coffees sells more than a million cups of coffee a year, Wyatt and his wife Grace still ensure that all its beans are sourced ethically, roasted locally and priced fairly, with a special emphasis on ensuring both suppliers and clients receive a fair deal.

Wyatt and Grace founded Honest Coffees in 2012 based on the belief that ethically-sourced coffee can still taste great and they now work closely with certification bodies at Fairtrade, the Soil Association and the Rainforest Alliance.

Honest Coffees supplies both coffee and top-rate commercial coffee machines to offices and hospitality clients all over the UK: whether a cafe in Cornwall, a leisure centre in Lancashire, an office in Oswestry, or a hotel in Hull.

Previously, Wyatt focussed on cross-border strategy, product development and trade with Barclays, helping the bank come to grips with a shifting global landscape.

Prior to that, he consulted with the US Department of Homeland Security in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 and jumped out of planes for a while with the US Army.

All in, he spent 15 years as a soldier, consultant and banker in the US and UK, picking up an MA from Georgetown and MBA from Chicago before taking the plunge and moving into entrepreneurship.