31/01/2017 07:09 GMT | Updated 01/02/2018 05:12 GMT

To Mr Trump And Mrs May - Thank You

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

To Mr Trump and Mrs May,

As a British Muslim I would like to say thank you.

Let me explain why.

Mr Trump, despite what seems like you and your cabinets most concerted of efforts to 'Make America safe again,' by banning Muslims from several countries, which has by some, but by only an few people around the world may I add, including the United nations, numerous human right lawyers and Heads of states, been seen as unlawful, unjust and flying in the face of the American constitution that your great country is built upon, I would like to place on record my thanks for making me feel more supported, universally accepted and integrated than ever before.

As you may have seen from a few news outlets, including those of which you didn't deem as sharing 'fake news' there have been pockets of people gathering over the last few days in states across your great nation, sharing their disapproval at your stance. Not by violence. But by the power of the collective. Collective voice. Collective integration. Collective support for our human race. Regardless of skin colour, ethnicity or religion the message has been United. We do not agree with your stance on banning people of a certain religious make up, the same way in which we and our ancestors did not agree with Hitler and we and our children do not agreed with ISIS.

Mrs May, firstly I would like to congratulate you on your first few months in your new role, I can only imagine that your to do list hasn't been the easiest with Brexit negotiations, miss firing missiles and long travel trips to America and Turkey being high on the agenda. This time last year I was fortunate enough to be at your house of 10 Downing Street with your predecessor and Nelson Mandela's co-accused at an event commemorating their fight for freedom.

How times have changed to tonight seeing the protests outside Downing Street. Whilst I can empathise with your position on ensuring a healthy, sustainable and profitable relationship with Mr Trump, let me ask. When do those aforementioned points take precedence over human rights, companionship and doing the right thing? We do not entertain the the we are quick condone violence

Finally I wish to bring your attention to the perhaps unnoticed murmur of millions of Britons. They are quickly learning dissatisfaction and disenchantment, as their representatives exhort them to uphold British values of fairness, equality and justice, but uphold none of them themselves. Do not forget in the prism of your diplomatic relations your allegiance to us, your country. And whether you widen your gaze and open your ears, or choose not to, we will not be cowed into a quiet submission, we will remain forever and truly British citizens and hence, partisans of justice for all.

Best wishes,