13/04/2014 19:11 BST | Updated 13/06/2014 06:59 BST

How to Drink Like You're in Game of Thrones

Love it? Haven't seen it? Bored of talking about it? Everyone's on a Game of Thrones thing so why not drink like it. Whether you're digging it or not check out BarChick's cocktail guide, Game of Thrones-style; drink your way around the Seven Kingdoms, live like a Lannister or kick back Khaleesi-style, the choice is yours, but we say try the lot.

Tyrion Lannister


A small man with a big...appetite for booze. You'd be foolish to discount Tyrion for his size; he's intelligent, witty, well read and comes out with some seriously decent one liners. Like him the Sazerac is short, punchy and always has the last word. "It's not easy being drunk all of the time, if it were easy everyone would do it", he's a man after our own hearts.


Daenerys Targaryen

Smoked Old Fashioned

Every guy wants her and every chick wants to be her (even Madonna), the Mother of Dragons is one badass, freedom fighting, feminism savvy khaleesi. With trademark blonde locks and that flame resistant skin it's only right that she be served something smoky, sexy and sophisticated. Fierce, a little unusual and with great heritage, a Smoked Old Fashioned will do the job for the last living Targaryen. Sip it with dragons ideally, and find your voice.


Jon Snow

Hot Toddy

The bastard child of Ned Stark has become a bit of a heart throb despite always looking colder than a whore's heart; we'd tap it for his fur get-ups and sword fighting skills alone. That said he needs to man up a little, a nice strong Hot Toddy should put some hair on his chest. Bless him, he needs warming up... Winter is coming.

Jaime Lannister

Mezcal Margarita

Unaffectionately dubbed King Slayer for slaughtering the mad king he was sworn to protect, Jaime Lannister is slipperier than a greased weasel. A twisted prince charming of sorts we'd serve this pretty boy a Mezcal Margarita, a bitter sweet cocktail that screams dirty play.


Arya Stark

Fresh Cocoface Coconut

She's killed men, been on the run, and ain't afraid of anything, but technically this little legend is too young to be downing shots. Sorry love, until we see your ID it's a fresh Cocoface coconut water for you, she needs the nutrients in her current state and she can use her "needle" to hack into it.


Joffrey Baratheon


It's fairly unanimous that King Joffrey is a little prick, he's got a penchant for cruelty and one heck of a sadistic streak. Sadly, despite the fact that it isn't ideal being born of incest we're not feeling sympathetic. Bitter, twisted and disturbingly grown up... it's a Negroni for you pal.


Cersei Lannister

Gin Martini

As Queen Regent it's only natural that Cersei Lannister drinks gin, right? This cold-hearted b*tch believes it's better to be feared than loved, and the Gin Martini can be a scary drink for some. Although we imagine she drinks hers dry, she probably serves them filthy, better to disguise the poison.


Theon Greyjoy

Morning Glory Fizz

Lilly Allen's little brother shows he's all grown up playing Theon Greyjoy's character to perfection. Basically the long and short of the story is that he ends up being castrated, poor guy. We'll be serving Theon a Morning Glory Fizz, because it's the closest he'll get to the real deal in a while, oops.


White Walkers

Corpse Reviver #2

The White Walkers descended on Westoros during a winter known as 'the long night'. Well, we've all been there; waking up for work in the morning (or rather realizing that you haven't been to sleep at all) looking like death with a temper more frightening than Naomi Campbell's. Maybe the White Walkers are misunderstood, ya know? Perhaps a Corpse Reviver #2 would sort them right out.


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