29/12/2014 06:45 GMT | Updated 27/02/2015 05:59 GMT

Five Truths About the New Year

New Year's Eve is a brilliant celebration, the end of a year, the start of another, the start of something new and the appearance of the 'New year, new me' Facebook status. So here's a list of reasons why New Year is hilariously predictable and ridiculously annoying...

1) Of course the most hilarious thing about starting a new year is the 'New year, new me' posts on Facebook. Yeah, of course... Get back to me in two weeks.



2) Gym memberships rise by about 300% in January. 'En route to the gym, new year, new me!'



3) New Year's Eve is a combination of people who're absolutely off their trollies drunk and those who can't even get to the bar to buy drinks. Tell me you're not the latter?



4) Don't even talk to me about trying to get a taxi on New Year's Eve... or paying double the price for one for that matter.



5) Sardines in a bar, because it's apparently not socially acceptable to stay in your house on New Year's Eve. Just kick back with Netflix and a glass of champers and you'll have a brilliant time.



So if you're thinking of giving the New Year's Eve outing a miss this year, then go for it, it's the best idea you've had all year. As for the 'resolutions', why not make one to carry on being your usual fabulous self?!