20/08/2014 10:49 BST | Updated 19/10/2014 06:59 BST

Too Many Ideas For Too Little Time? How to Find Focus!

Really great entrepreneurs have what I call an interdisciplinary mind, which means they think fast have many ideas. They can grasp and run with multiple levels of learning and creative expression. They are the joiner the dots from one idea to the next and can make new ways to solve problems. I love these kinds of people, I am one of them and at the same time it sucks! Even though an interdisciplinary minded person could achieve someone else's life's work several times over in one life time, often they don't as they can lack focus. When you have so many great ideas, how do you know which one is right? Then when you have completed it, how do you stay interested enough to market it, when there are so many new and shiny things you could be playing around with?

Psychologists call this ambivalence, too much in our minds and we end up doing nothing. Often this state of ambivalence is caused by having to come to terms with a complex world of choice and the belief in right and wrong, good or bad decisions.

I find the characteristics in the interdisciplinary minded fascinating (and not just because I am one), mostly because they go against the grain of what society says will make you successful i.e. 'stick to one thing, become great at it, expand and make lots of money'. However it's my belief the interdisciplinary minded are exactly what we need in society to change the entire planet.

If you find it hard to stick to one thing at a time or to complete and market your work here are three key tips:

1 - Think about what you don't like about the world. It's not likely to be tree's or mushrooms, it's more likely to be what gets your goat about people! The thing that bugs you about others is likely to show up in your own life.. a lot! But also I believe it's the thing that when you go to some effort to change it on the world, it changes in your life. It is the thing you were born to do (no pressure!) Once you have that, it becomes the umbrella over all of your ideas. All your ideas now have an intention behind them. For example, in my work I move people a little closer to fear then love. I experienced a lot of fear in my life, and not I help people combat theirs. I do this as a radio presenter, a blogger, one-to-one with clients, making films, authoring books and when buying a latte. It is who I am, so when asked to do something not in alignment with that, I find those jobs feel like I am going against the tide and not in my flow. So find out what your purpose is and stick all the multiple ideas under that heading, then you have a focus!

2 - You are an idea's person, and in being so you need to be able to create ideas, take them to the highest level you can by only doing the bites you really enjoy and farming the other bits of to someone else who loves doing those kinds of things that you hate. Then when it's done, find someone to market it whilst you move on to the next thing. Working like this will turn your brilliant mind into that of the fully functioning entrepreneur.

3 - No-one who has ever been successful has ever done it alone. Use the inner guidance system of fear to support you. Whenever you feel scared, it's because you are being too independent. Independence is something the interdisciplinary minded do way too much of.

The idea that there is a good or a bad decision comes from a lack of belief in yourself. Firstly because your not trusting yourself to be right and secondly if you don't trust yourself to fix it when you find out you were wrong. Self-faith is key in everything and far more important a tool than confidence. This is why I wrote my book 'You Do Know - Learning to act on intuition instantly' because when you trust yourself, you can become fearless.