18/06/2014 09:13 BST | Updated 17/08/2014 06:59 BST

You Do Know! Acting on the Inner Knowing

Have you ever experienced one of those 'I was just thinking about you' moments? You know the ones, where someone pops into your head just before you bumped into them in the street, or they called?

It's easy to put these small events down to coincidence and brush them off, as most of us don't react to the more subliminal thoughts we have; but when you start to pay attention to these experiences they can guide us to take positive action.

So, I'm in the kitchen popping seeds out of a pomegranate when my ex-boyfriend springs to mind. We'd split up about ten years ago and I never see him, but I know better than to ignore my random thoughts. You know the ones, they are the thoughts you receive rather than the ones you create through thinking. So I sent him a 'You OK?' message and he replied to say there had been a death in the family. How did I know to contact him at a time of trauma?

The first time that really made me think about this power of emotional awareness was when I was on Tottenham Court Road in London, outside the Dominion theatre. I thought I saw someone I knew ahead of me on the street. This person was someone I'd fallen out with and I had asked him never to contact me again, and for six months he'd stuck to my request. But ahead of me was a man who looked just like him from the back; I froze to the spot and a chill ran down my body. However as the man turned around a wave of relief took over me as I realised it wasn't him. The incredible thing was though, two minutes later I got a text message from the man I didn't want to see, asking if I was alright as I had popped into his mind.

I'd love to tell you I have a definitive answer as to how we can still have a connection to someone not in our physical space. I don't have a concrete answer as not even concrete is solid. What makes concrete appear solid is a frequency of vibration. There is more space in anything solid than there is matter. If everything vibrates, then it stands to reason it could also make a sound. I believe we can pick up on emotional changes in people nowhere near our physical space in the same way that a radio picks up radio waves. Rupert Sheldrake calls this a Morphic Resonance.

When we meet people, we talk about the vibe they give off; we describe ourselves as 'resonating' with a person. I believe that there are some people we naturally feel a connection to. Maybe those people have a similar sound to us, perhaps brought about by life experience or a similar outlook. I also believe that when you spend time with a person and especially if you share a bed, you start to really resonate together. This isn't just a case of finding a mutual liking of his and hers dressing gowns or matching jackets, but when you sleep next to someone, even the beating of your heart becomes in sync.

Call it an intuition or an unbroken bond there is something magical in this deep connection we all have to each other.

We often hear bounded around spiritual circles the idea that we are all one. Perhaps on a frequency of vibration we are all part of a wonderful orchestra, and if only we could learn to live in harmony, we would sound amazing.

My book 'You Do Know - Learning to act on intuition instantly'