21/06/2013 11:05 BST | Updated 21/08/2013 06:12 BST

Discover the Delights That Toronto Has to Offer

"Diversity our strength"

Such is the official motto of the city of Toronto, and this is certainly true when it comes to planning a holiday to the exciting and bustling modern city. There is so much to see and do in Toronto that a visitor could spend months taking in the many thrilling experiences. However, for those people looking to take in the delights of Toronto in a week, there are a number of must-see attractions that will leave you with diverse and strong memories of the time you went to Toronto.

Think Toronto and you think of the CN Tower. The largest tower in the world for 34 years, it remains the largest structure in the Western Hemisphere and is a truly iconic part of the Toronto skyline. For many, simply taking in the tower with their own eyes will be memorable enough, but for those with a sense of adventure, there are extra activities which can be undertaken for an added injection of adrenaline and excitement. The Edge walk is a recent addition to the tower, allowing visitors to test their nerve while walking around the very summit of the tower. While all walks are completely safe, there are very few attractions in Canada more likely to leave you with butterflies in your stomach and wobbling legs.

For a gentler experience at the top of the CN Tower, the 360 Restaurant provides fine dining and spectacular views, with the building slowly revolving to allow diners to view the entire skyline as they enjoy their meal. Great food is a signature of Toronto, with the St Lawrence Market voted as the best street food market anywhere on Earth by National Geographic. With foods from across the globe, you can enjoy a taste of home or experience your favourite flavours from countless exotic. St Lawrence Market is sure to not only capture your imagination but also enchant your stomach, so the walk home to the hotel may take a little longer than your original journey!

Toronto as a city thrives on being unique, and as such it is only fitting that it is home to Casa Loma, the only castle in North America. Built just before the First World War, Casa Loma contains 98 beautifully decorated rooms, as well as magnificent gardens and even a secret passage to keep visitors guessing. Canada may be a far younger nation than the United Kingdom, but this does not mean it is lacking in any of its Victorian splendour. In addition to Casa Loma, vintage lovers will also be intrigued by the delights of Kensington Market. Bursting at the seams with vintage shops, art galleries and quirky restaurants, those of a certain cultural disposition could spend their entire holiday exploring all that the market has to offer.

If that wasn't enough culture already, Toronto is also home to the fascinating Ontario Science Centre, as well as housing the third biggest English speaking theatre district, behind only London and New York. Toronto Zoo is equally as certain to delight, with children and adults who should know better sure to enjoy spending a day with the monkeys, tigers and penguins, although hopefully not all in the same enclosure.

Toronto is a sports mad city, and as much as it may leave your sport hating partner rolling their eyes, at least one sporting event should be taken in during your time in Toronto. In addition to the fascinating and informative Hockey Hall of Fame, there are a number of professional teams in the city, covering a wide range of sports.

• Toronto FC - Football

• Toronto Argonauts - Canadian Rules Football

• Toronto Blue Jays - Baseball

• Toronto Maple Leafs - Ice Hockey

• Toronto Raptors - Basketball

Lacrosse is also extremely popular in Canada, with any stroll around the greener areas of the city sure to reveal players taking part in this highly physical pastime. Those unfamiliar with the rules would be advised to stick to the sidelines, with the action often getting a little out of hand.

However you choose to spend your time during your tour of Toronto (and however long you can drag yourself away from the mountains of food at St Lawrence Market), the city is sure to leave a lasting impression for many years to come. From discussing your trip around the top of the CN Tower to the benefits of the Toronto Maple Leafs over arch enemies the Montreal Canadians, Toronto is all about creating lifelong memories and enthralling stories to tell time and time again.