Mathew Horne Takes On Horrid Henry

01/08/2011 15:31 BST | Updated 01/10/2011 10:12 BST

I like kids' movies as much as the next person, but the luxury of being a 21st century film viewer is that generally even films for children make sure they appease the adults sitting next to them in the cinema.

Which is why Horrid Henry The Movie in 3D has got courage. Taken from the best-selling book series (which has also spawned a hit animated TV show), this is a film for kids and kids alone. They're going to love it - even if the mums and dads might end up utterly baffled.

That was certainly the case for me. As the story progressed into a bizarre and wacky passage with Dick & Dom as OTT telly presenters, I half expected a dwarf to show up and start talking backwards.

So it's not surprising that director Nick Moore turned to his young cast, including newcomers Theo Stevenson as Henry and Ross Marron as his brother Perfect Peter for help.

"The director was really good at asking 'what would you think if you were watching this?'," says Stevenson. "He almost relied on us a bit to keep it natural."

Finding it a bit more easy to slip into the 3D world was Mathew Horne, who plays Henry's dad.

"It made me feel paternal being around the kids," he says. "I thought I'd quite like to purchase one of them."

"When it's thirteen," adds Stevenson.

"Yeah, when it's thirteen."

Music fan Mat also echoed opinions about the death of Amy Winehouse.

"Very, very sad and tragic news," he says. "I was a fan of her music, she was a huge talent and it's very sad to see such a troubled person lose their way so fatally."

Horrid Henry The Movie in 3D is in cinemas from Friday 29th July.