15/09/2013 15:57 BST | Updated 14/11/2013 05:12 GMT

On the Streets - A Weekly Round Up of the Freshest Global Street Art: 13 September

As we reach the end of the summer, we have some pretty notable and special walls to share with you. The highlight of Millie Kotseva's weekly review is this stunning piece by Blu in Rome. The mural strikes with its raw creativity and strong visual intensity. An absolute winner. Image © Martha Cooper.


Other walls that caught our eye come from David De La Mano in Florianopolis, Brazil, Gilbert and George in NYC, FAILE in NYC, Hush in Stavanger, Norway, Blek Le Rat in NYC, Agostino Iacurci in Taipei and Cranio in London. A myriad of worthy walls.

Florianopolis welcomes Spanish artist David de la Mano, who fascinated with human behavior and characters, creates this signature mural, a monochromatic cyrcle, full of small silhouttes.

Image via Juxtapoz Magazine


Iconic artist duo Gilbert and George might not be the usual taggers but their newest work, displayed high on a billboard in the Chelsea District of New York has it all - prime location, fantastical overlaid bright-coloured panorama and raw captivated emotions. Brilliant. Image via Juxtapoz Magazine


Brooklyn art collective FAILE gave NYC another memorable and colossal mural, executed with the help of Colossal Media on the side of the iconic ''Record Plant''. The piece, which is FAILE's largest outdoor one so far incorporates the duo's characteristic visual iconography and pays a tribute to the history of the buidling. Image via Complex and Animal.


A more detailed look below.




We leave NYC to head off to Stavanger, Norway for yet another edition of Nuart Festival. Amongst all the extraordinary multiple out and indoor quirky murals and installations is this Hush wall, featuring some familiar fusion of Eastern and Western imagery, synthesized in an enigmatic female portait. Image via StreetArtNews and Henrik Haven.


Stencils of rats and black clad gentleman - it can only mean one thing - Blek Le Rat, often called the 'Godfather of Street Art' is back, hitting the streets of NYC with some new playful and provocative stencils. Image via StreetArtNews


Fresh and colourful is the best way to describe Taipei newest large-scale mural by skillful Italian Agostino Iacurci . Image via StreetArtNews


Last, but not least is the freshest Cranio piece in London, done just before the artist goes back to homeland Brazil. We must say that we certainly like Pedley Street better now... Image via Gordon Gibbens