23/07/2013 09:29 BST | Updated 22/09/2013 06:12 BST

On The Streets- A Weekly Round Up of the Freshest Global Street Art 21 July 2013

This week saw not only soaring temperatures and real summer, but also a lot of colour and playfulness on a large scale on the streets.

This week saw not only soaring temperatures and real summer, but also a lot of colour and playfulness on a large scale on the streets. Millie Kotseva has picked out a piece by Austrian artist Nychos in San Francisco as the feature mural. Different for sure but it does not fail to impress. Entitled the ''Eye of the Tiger'', we are loving the complexity of the cartoonish and rather weird dissected style. Massively impressive...

Close- up details shots of the wall. All images via Arrested Motion




Other notable walls come from Faith47 in Toronto, Canada, ROA in Malaga, Spain, RETNA in LA, USA, Paul Insect and Sweet Toof in London, Olek in Lodz, Poland, Francisco De Pajaro, Miss Van and Ciro Schu collaboration - all in London.

We are back on the serenity note with Faith47 newest wall in Toronto, entitled ''The Pull of The Land''

Image via the artist


Globe-trotter Belgian artist ROA is now in Malaga, Spain, bringing wildlife to the city walls. The result is not surprising at all - a monstrously big wall, painted all in monochrome.

Image via StreetArtNews


American renowned artist RETNA continues to hit the Los Angeles billboards. This new one is particularly good and stands out with the delicate contrast between the clear photo image and raw brush stroked calligraphy background.

Image via the artist


Notable artists Paul Insect and Sweet Toof are back collaborating again, splashin bold colourful characters in London, bringing freshness and good mood. We love this new ''Clowning Around'' wall...

Image via Arrested Motion


Olek brings bitter- sweet childhood memories with her impressive crochet multi-coloured train in Lodz, Poland.

Image © Olek


Spanish artist Francisco De Pajaro utilises the build surrounding environment in a most genius ways, creating thought-provoking whimsical pieces. We absolutely love this ''Art is Tra$h'' one in Brick Lane, London.

Image via MonoPrixx


Last, but not least is the fantastic collaborative piece from Miss Van and Ciro Schu at Tower Bridge - absolutely stunning.

Images via Propa Stuff and Sandra Butterfly