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On The Streets - The Freshest Global Street Art 11 October 2013

With London Art Week approaching, the streets have been constantly covered with worthy pieces.

With London Art Week approaching, the streets have been constantly covered with worthy pieces. Leading off Millie's weekly art review is Conor Harrington's powerful ''San Juan Fight Club'' wall in Puerto Rico. The seemingly unfinished imagery and dripping paint reveal strong dynamism and sentimental evocations of duty and honour. A true masterpiece. Image via StreetArtNews.

Other notable walls come from Faith47 in San Juan, JR in London, David de la Mano in Montevideo, Judith Supine in Brooklyn, DALeast in San Juan, Banksy and Tristan Eaton in NYC.

We have always admired Faith47's ability to grasp the world's fragility with a single brushstroke. Her works are both gentle and raw, showing the artist's fascination with the complexity of the humanity; its lows and heights. This new mural (work in progress) in San Juan is not an exception - we are in awe with it.

Faith47's wall opposite the Conor Harrington's piece - panorama shot via StreetArtNews

The artist JR, who constantly works to change the world, has been in London, turning the city Inside Out and encouraging Londoners to stand up for what they really care. The result is absolutely stunning!

Image via JR

Explorer of human behaviour, artist David de la Mano delivers a new signature mural in Montevideo (Uruguay), commenting strongly on the nature of human conflicts.

Close-up photos of the work. All images via the artist.

Judith Supine, renowned for his surreal collages and large wheatpastes is back and hitting the streets of Brooklyn hard. We love how the manipulated images, assembled from torn magazines and washed in fluorescent colour, blend with the walls surface. Image via Street Art NYC.

Chinese -born artist DALeast, well-known for his intricate emotional lines and stunning black and white large-scale murals is currently in San Juan for the Los Muros Hablan Festival, where he quickly delivered this Columbus-inspired piece. Image via StreetArtNews.

Banksy's NYC street forray is in full swing. This provoking piece was unfortunately rip off the door it was stencilled on after a day, which makes us think are street artists the real vandals?

Image via

The removed door... Image via StreetArtNews

Street art might be ephemeral and have short life- span, but these Banksy and Os Gemeos collaboration for Village Voice Newspaper are made to stay. Images via Os Gemeos.

Our review finishes with Tristan Eaton mighty wall, entitled ''Liberty''. True art for thought. Image via StreetArtNews.