On The Streets - The Freshest Global Street Art 26 October 2013

With London Art Week over, it is time for our overdue summary of the street murals from around the world...

With London Art Week over, it is time for our overdue summary of the street murals from around the world. Leading off this week is Faith 47's stunning ''Infinitud del universo'' in Malaga, Spain. The minimal palette that she uses blended in nicely with the neighboring structures, amplifying the overall effect of the iconic image. A true masterpiece... All images courtesy of the artist and Fer Frances.

Other worthy walls come from Seth in Paris, Anthony Lister in Melbourne, Hyuro in Perpignan, France, El Mac - Milan, Jef Aerosol - Paris, Banksy - NYC, D*Face - Las Vegas, Mau Mau, Alex and Bon collab in London and Devon, UK. Let the visual feast begin!

We have always liked the way French artist Seth uses local city dwellers as inspiration for his bold and colourful portaits. This newest work by him in Paris is not an exception and it strikes with its vibrancy and carefully balanced colours. A total winner... Image via Galerie Itinerrance.

After having one of his signature murals buffed by the Brisbane City Council last month, prolific artist Anthony Lister is now in Melbourne, where he quickly painted this whimsical and intricate piece. We hope the wall will stay untouched for a while... Image via the artist.

Argentinian artist Hyuro, well -known for her thought -provoking and boundaries -pushing works (see here), is in Southern France, where she completed another signature piece, named ''Reach absolute balance with the power of the mind.'' We love it! Images via StreetArtNews.

Close-up image of the wall.

Master of portrait style El Mac has been invited to participate in a commissioned creative collaboration with the fashion giant Prada in Milan, highlighting and engaging with themes such as femininity, power, delicacy and multiplicity. The piece is mind-blowing... Image via the artist.

One of the seriously strong art for thought murals from this week is this Jef Aerosol wall in Bordeaux, named '' This World is Your World''. Image via the artist.

Banksy's NYC street forray is in his full swing and the elusive artist keep on dropping tongue -in-cheek clever pieces on a daily basis. One of our favourites from the past week is this strong South Bronx ''Ghetto 4 Life'' one. Image via StreetArtNews.

Las Vegas gets a brand new D*Face mural, cleverly commenting upon relationships and cultural values. Image via the artist.

We finish our review with a few fine and whimsical examles of Mau Mau's latest London -Devon collaborations with Thai-based artists Alex Face and Bon. Images via Mono Prixx.

Mau Mau's fresh after-Moniker 2013 piece, commenting upon the thriving business of street art touring...

Mau Mau, Alex Face and Bon Devon adventure. Image via Mau Mau.

Words: Milena Kotseva


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