06/08/2013 12:52 BST | Updated 06/10/2013 06:12 BST

On the Streets - A Weekly Round Up of the Freshest Global Street Art 04 August 2013

Millie's review of art on the streets this week is a bit different and focuses on works that not only please the eyes but feed the mind and the soul as well.

The leading piece this week comes from American artist Cake as part of Centre-fuge Public Art Project in NYC. What makes this work to stand out is not only the masterfully depicted human body in all its glory, but also the emotions that seem to overflow through the figure's posture and expression. Have a closer look at the more detailed shot to feel Cake's true mastery in sharing personal experience and making contact. Truly inspiring and touching...



Images via the artist

Other notable walls come from Os Gemeos in Sao Paulo, Brazil, ARYZ in Oslo, Norway, Stik in London, Vhils in Azores, Portugal, Jr in Atlanta, and Etam Cru in Richmond.

We hope this full of colours and emotions selection put a smile on your faces!

All time favourites Os Gemeos never fail to impress with their work. This wall is freshly done in their home Sao Paulo and captures the vitality and spirit of Brazilians. We love its colourfulness and funky attitude.

Image via the artists


Master of large-scale murals ARYZ is now in Oslo, participating in the Oslo Triennial of Mural Art. The work stands out with its epic size and stunning characters of a father and daughter.

Image via StreetArtNews


We hope that this close- up shot will be able to reveal more of the work's strong message - that of the love between fathers and kids.


Another huge 'family' wall comes from Stik in London. Super-sized, brighly coloured and highly stilized, the human figures Stik paints are surprisingly capable of conveying intense body language and complex emotions. We love this family themed piece under the Hungerford Bridge at the Southbank Centre.

Image via Paul Whitehouse




From documenting the families we jump to Vhils's fantastic portraits of the elderly. This one in Azores, made through Vhils's signature technique of chipping away the wall, is particularly impressive.

Image via the artist


After the immense success of the Unframed Project in France, JR heads off to Atlanta, where he got inspired by the 50 years anniversary of Martin Luther King's '' I have a Dream'' speech. Here is the result.

Image through JR


Last, but not least is this absolute stunning with size scale, colours and subject-matter piece by the Etam Cru duo in Richmond. One of our favourites this summer...

Image via RVA Magazine