19/11/2013 09:20 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

On The Streets - The Freshest Global Street Art 08 November 2013

Continuing our strong tradition of reviewing the freshest and most interesting art on the streets, here is the recap from the first whole week of November.

Continuing our strong tradition of reviewing the freshest and most interesting art on the streets, here is the recap from the first whole week of November. We start off with Shepard Fairey's impressive large-scale piece in Dallas. Shepard hardly ever needs an introduction at all. Renowned for his iconic imagery of counter-cultural revolutionaries, signature graphic style and multi-faceted artistic practice, the artist does not disappoint and delivers a very strong, striking mural in black, white, and red. Truly iconic...


Image by Daniel Weintraub.

Other notable walls come from the FAILE collective in Toronto, Paul Insect and Bast collaborating in Athens, Claudio Ethos in Paris, Saner and Interesni Kazki in Cholula, Mexico, C215 in Senegal and Aakash Nihalani in LA. Enjoy!


Brooklyn-based artistic collective Faile, well - known for their wide-range multimedia practice, have recently completed their first major outdoor mural in Canada, funded by the City of Toronto's StreetARToronto Partnership Programme. The piece is massive, multi-layered and executed in the artists' recognisable fragmented style. All images are through Aubrey Jax.

Details of the Bathurst St. Mural




Master of collages and paste-ups, elusive Bast teams up with prolific Paul Insect on a new Eastern European collaborative venture. The two artists hit Athens earlier this week, covering all surfaces they come across with provocative, tongue-in-cheek joyous characters. Below are a few examples of the work. We really like how these both quite distinctive and provoking styles blend together in pure harmony. All images are through Paul Insect.




Brazilian graffiti artist Claudio Ethos, known for his highly elaborate surrealist aesthetic, was recently in Paris for a solo show and found time to surprise Parisians with this impressive piece. The artist's intention to generate conversation and provoke emotion was translated onto the concrete wall into this meticulously drawn monochrome character. Image via lepublicme.


We cannot but admire another brilliant collaborative work - that of Mexican artist Saner and Ukranian Interesni Kazki. The piece, located in a central Mexico, is finely colour and subject matter balanced; a true gem. Image via Street Art in Mexico.


Globe-trotting Christian Guemy, aka C215 is currenly in West Africa, painting in Senegal. This new piece is another prime example of C215's undesputable painterly skills as artist and visual poet. Image via StreetArtNews.


We finish our weekly review with the newest from Aakash Nihalani's - piece named ''L.A Leaker''. Image via the artist.