22/08/2013 13:03 BST | Updated 20/10/2013 06:12 BST

On the Streets - A Weekly Round Up of the Freshest Global Street Art 18 August 2013

Our first stop is sunny London where talented David Shillinglaw gave Dulwich this breath-taking mural, part of the Baroque the Streets Festival. Inspired by the classic Anthony van Dyck's ''Samson and Delilah'', the work strikes with its plasticity and depth of images, acquired through the delicate colour balance of the blues and the red. An absolute winner...


Here us a close-up, more detailed shot to appreciate David's draftsmanship.

Image via Arlen Figgis


Other worthy work come from Judith Supine in NYC, Swoon in Grottaglie, Italy, Alex Void in Atlanta, Cranio in Liverpool, Agostino Iacurci in Atlanta and Sliks in Sao Paulo.

It has been a while since we have seen work on the streets by highly-admired and immensely talented artist Judith Supine and it is a real delight to see that new piece in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Executed in signature fluorescent hues, the wheat-paste is thoughtfully positioned and works beautifully with Chris Uphues's playful heart paste-up. Lovely combo...

Image via StreetArt NYC


Renowned artist Swoon is in Grottaglie, Italy for another edition of FAME Festival. The result is more than impressive.

Image via Swoon


Grottaglie is not the only place hosting Street Art Festivals. This week Atlanta saw a plethora of well-known artists, taking part in Living Walls 2013, who truly enlivened the city walls.

Of a particular interest is this Alex Void huge portrait monochrome piece, which reads ''NOBODY''. The work captures attention with its clear imagery and the effectiveness of its direct message.

Image via Brooklyn Street Art


Italian artist Agostino Iacurci, known for using flat and geometric forms to compose larger-than-life bright works, has also contributed to the Living Walls, converting the building's surface into a giant storybook. We love the playfulness of the characters.

Image via StreetArtNews


Back in UK, we find Brazilian artist Cranio constantly leaving his whimsical mark on the streets of London and now in Liverpool. We expect more blue Native Americans to be popping up soon so stay tuned.

Image via the artist


We stay Brazilian-tuned with this piece coming from the talented graffiti writer Sliks.

We have been following his work for a while and this throw-up is so representational and organically connected to the life and people of the city of Sao Paulo that we had to share it with you. It is a beauty...

Image via the artist


We finish our review in bright hues with this glorious new JADE mural in Lamas, Peru - an absolute beauty...

Image via StreetArtNews