30/11/2012 10:09 GMT | Updated 29/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Poor Boy: Reinventing Vintage

As the banks still teeter on the edge of oblivion and our various modern soothsayer's enthuse with apocalyptic prophecies, creative individuals across the globe are finally waking up, whether artists or designers, entrepreneurs or musicians, the economic crises has injected some enthusiasm into the creative industries. When it comes to entrepreneurship, we have never witnessed so much diversity of talent; again this is partly thanks to the internet, the rise of digital culture has ensured an idea can reach the masses in an incredibly short amount of time. This is where online business has come into its own, those who are tapping into the market and engaging with the monetary incentives of the internet, are singlehandedly broadening the entrepreneurial horizons.

One such business is Poor Boy, an online store that sources the very best in high-end sartorial treasures, from Dior and Burberry to Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Poor Boy was conceived by the fusing together of two polar opposites, thrift and luxury, two words which are rarely spoken of in the same breath, let alone lay as the foundation for an entire business, yet its founders have proved unflinching in their philosophy. Poor Boy is the culmination of sartorial curiosity, adventure and a unique business ethic, but also an unwavering love for fashion and the experience of finding something beautiful. In their own words, Poor Boy's founders say their business was "born out of the love of unearthing treasures that can be found in the Vintage Clothing industry, we wanted to source and explore all corners of the globe for unique, high end pieces that are a sight to behold."

A veritable treasure trove of the most unique and eye catching pieces, the people at Poor Boy have traversed the myriad markets and boutiques to procure the best designer wear in the world. Poor Boy now boasts a sterling collection, encompassing a broad range of styles which include bohemian womenswear, luxurious dresses, intriguing accessories, preppy menswear and a versatile collection of vintage mink and fox furs. In today's world where fashion is so accessible, on the high street and elsewhere, the need for a unique oasis, away from the New Look's and River Island's of this world, is important. Poor Boy have galvanised society's desire for vintage on an impressive scale.

Poor Boy embodies the adventurous spirit of fashion, and the joie de vivre they have for fashions rich history is very clear to see; moreover they take the online boutique, which is usually a fairly rudimentary affair, into an entirely new sphere, for them vintage fashion is more than just an ephemeral interest, it is a lifestyle. Poor Boy is the ideal repository for aesthetic splendour and true craftsmanship.